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Interviews and Podcasts

  • Los Angeles Times interviews Stephen and other Hollywood composers about how they create a special musical language for each film or TV show. 

  • NBCUniversal has joined the 1in4 Coalition’s mission to increase access, employment and authentic representation of disabled people on and off the screen. The partnership f

  • 5 Ways The Music Industry Can Support Recording Artists And Music Professionals With Disabilities In honor of Disability Pride Month, covers tips on how the musi

  • Global Orgs Rally for Greater Adoption of Captioning and Audio Descriptions. Stephen Letnes, as a co-founder of 1 in 4 Coalition, is interviewed about the importance of hav

  • Disabled Artisans Seek Equality in Behind-the-Camera Jobs Amid talk about Hollywood diversity, one group gets consistently overlooked: people with disabilities, who compris

  • Stephen Letnes How to work with a composer for your indie film Stephen Letnes Bio from Stephen Letnes' music journey began at the age of four, learning the violin

  • Stephen Letnes is a modern-day composer with a classical twist. Dig into his SoundCloud, and you will find a colorful bag of audible candy: instrumentals, orchestral pieces

  • Stephen Letnes is a concert pianist and a Film Composer who just happens to be Sight challenged. With over 80 scores and a Christmas movie coming out November 15th, 2016, t

  • What is life like as a blind composer? It’s a question I’ve wondered about, but haven’t been able to ask until this interview with Stephen Letnes. In this Season 5 premiere